What is SpriteMate?

SpriteMate is a pixel-exact 2D-WYSIWYG graphics editor specifically designed for the creation of pixel art
and retro 2D graphics and animations of preferably less than 512x512 pixels in size.

The following list gives an overview of SpriteMate's features:
  • Unlimited size 24 Bit RGB plus 8 Bit Alpha Channel palette(s)
  • Unlimited number of frames in frameset.
  • Exporting into BMP, PNG and GIF file formats as images, spritesheets or animated GIF.
  • Basic drawing: Freehand, Lines, Rectangles, Ellipses, Bent lines.
  • Advanced drawing: Flood fill, Flood shade, Lighten/Darken, Color substitution
  • Selections: Copy, Move, Insert, Delete, Mirror, Layer, 360 degrees free rotation of selections.
  • Setting of background trace masters for improved animations.
  • Tightly integrated Mouse and Keyboard controls.
SpriteMate has the following requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mouse and Keyboard for Control
  • At least 1024 MB of RAM, 2048 MB or more recommended

SpriteMate is a product of Marc Bommert Software.

SpriteMate is only available in English.

How can I get SpriteMate?

SpriteMate is a commercial program and is provided as an unrestricted evaluation version. The only
difference to the full version is a nag screen to periodically appear in the evaluation version. If you enjoy the software
and/or to get rid of the nagging, you are encouraged to buy a personal license. Doing so, you greatly support further development
of this software program.

Initial release v0.900:
Windows Installer*
Zip Archive of Program Files*
*Note: Both downloads are unsigned and appear as of unknown origin to the Windows Defender. You will have to acknowledge that warning.

You can purchase SpriteMate on the DigiStore24 SpriteMate Product Page
Once you checked out, you will receive your personal registration information based on the given e-mail address. Only one registration per e-mail address is possible.

What about updates and digital IP of the projects?

All updates to the major version of the program are provided free of charge for customers, including bug fixes and newly added minor features.
Everything you create with the SpriteMate evaluation or licensed version remains your digital intellectual property.