All the geeky stuff will be added to this section. For now, I provide some of my software projects here.


Tinjar is a Tetris clone featuring a head-to-head mode of gameplay based on TCP/IP. A corresponding server application is included. Win32 binaries are provided. Refer to the README file for further information. Tinjar is fully implemented in C and remains closed-source. The program is freeware.
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Stapel is a simple in-browser game demo which I've created when playing around with the HTML5 canvas object. Your job is to stack stones on top of each other to build a stable staple. Stapel is written in Javascript and should run fine in all modern browsers. You may want to set your browser zoom properly to achieve the best experience. The source code can be read directly from the HTML code. The program is freeware.
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pingtool is a simple GUIed ICMP Echo request floodping utility as dotNET binary. You need admin privileges to execute the program as it works on raw sockets. It may also interfere with Windows SmartScreen protection. pingtool is written in C# and is provided as freeware including the program debug database.
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